About Me

Much of my generation and younger is probably wondering, “Who’s Erma?”  Erma wrote tons of books about being a wife and mother.  My mother laughed her way through many a long car ride, family vacation, and most of my teen years by breathlessly reading Erma.  She’d stop laughing long enough to read to all of us, captive in a car in the middle of nowhere, long before walkman’s and iPhones, some excerpt from the book.  Most excerpts weren’t long enough to get the full flavor, and it’s hard to follow a joke when my mom would read it, punctuated with laughter, and sometimes had to stop all together to catch her breath and wipe the tears from her eyes.

As a mother of two young children, I’m not only asking myself why I didn’t pay better attention (perhaps I would have kept myself out of this whole mess)…but I’m wondering where’s Erma?  I know, the “real” Erma passed away many years ago, but where is the “Erma” of today?  Where is the Erma in my world?  As every day at home presents itself with more challenges from my kids and husband, I’m looking around my group of friends and wondering which one of us will find the sanity in this mess.

For the purposes of this blog, I’ve changed my names and that of my friends, family, etc.  The information is true to our lives and true to my impressions.  If you read regularly, you will see that I have one terrific group of girlfriends.  Collectively, they keep me going.  Individually, they are all just as much of a mess as I am.  No one of them seems to have any better grip on this motherhood thing.  No one of them has managed to make a smooth transition from working single, to married, to motherhood.  Some have stayed at work, others have remained at home.  Some have left work, returned home, and returned (screaming) to the world of gainful employment.  So why exactly is it that we keep having these children?  I don’t just mean me, I stopped at two.  One girl, Madeline; one boy, Wilson.  I’m talking about the world.  What exactly makes it seem so appealing to have kids?

As I trudge though motherhood I’m continually reminded that my life will never be the same.  Every aspect of my life, even my perspective on my own childhood has been altered by my new position as “parent” and all that it entails.  This blog examines that journey.


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